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ATL Spurs Upcoming Events

Date Event Location
April 1, 2017 Tottenham vs. Burnley

Tottenham vs. Burnley

Meehan's Atlantic station
April 5, 2017 Tottenham vs. Swansea

Tottenham vs. Swansea

Meehan's Atlantic station
April 8, 2017 Tottenham vs. Watford

Tottenham vs. Watford

Meehan's Atlantic station
April 15, 2017 Tottenham vs. Bournemouth

Tottenham vs. Bournemouth

Meehan's Atlantic station
April 22, 2017 Tottenham vs. Chelsea

Tottenham vs. Chelsea

Meehan's Atlantic station
April 26, 2017 Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace

Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace

Meehan's Atlantic station
April 30, 2017 Tottenham vs. Arsenal

Tottenham vs. Arsenal

Meehan's Atlantic station

Recent News

  • ATL Spurs Member Profile: Reid Davis

    1) How did you become a Spurs fan? As a child of the 1970s, soccer was always in the background for most of my life. I’m old enough to remember the fading days of the old NASL, for example. And the 1994 World Cup landed at an impressionable moment in my early 20s and at […]

  • ATL Spurs Member Profile: Daniel Parker

    1) How did you become a Spurs fan? I got into soccer in general in the summer between 10th and 11th grade. In ’05 and ’06 there was a lot of World Cup qualifying games on TV, so I used to just watch when I got home from (American) football workouts in the morning and […]