ATL Spurs Member Profile: Daniel Parker

1) How did you become a Spurs fan?

I got into soccer in general in the summer between 10th and 11th grade. In ’05 and ’06 there was a lot of World Cup qualifying games on TV, so I used to just watch when I got home from (American) football workouts in the morning and watch soccer all day, that’s how I became a fan of the sport. I got into Spurs specifically for the sole purpose of going against all my big time soccer fan friends who loved bigger clubs like arsenal, and Chelsea. I’m also a big time FIFA player, and Spurs have always been a fun team to play with.

2) Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

Sadly, no, but it’s on my bucket list for sure.

3) What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

Peter Crouch scoring the goal late in the game against Manchester City to qualify Tottenham for the Champions League. Having never gone to the Champions League, qualifying this in this fashion was about as great as it could get. This permanently secured a place in my heart for Peter Crouch <3

4) Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

I’m going to name 3. My current favorite player on the team is Mousa Dembele. He is an absolute boss in the midfield, and completely controls games. Nearly every game he does something incredible, even if it’s subtle. My favorite player since I’ve been a fan is definitely Rafael Van der Vaart. He always showed up when we needed him most, was part of the building of the foundation that brought the team into competing for the top in the league now. Sentimental favorite is Tom Huddlestone. Got a soft spot for overweight guys with long hair. He also used to be really good.. lol

5) Where are you from originally?

Born in Atlanta, GA. Currently living in Kennesaw.

6) What is your professional background?

Youth advocacy. I used to be an elementary school assistant for special education. I’m now a training officer at Marietta Regional Youth Detention Center.

7) Did you play organized football/soccer?

Never, I’m somewhat of a late bloomer to my soccer fandom. I think once you understand the rules and take time to really watch any sport, you can find something to enjoy about it. Soccer is arguably the best sport in my opinion. No breaks, no time outs. Play for 45 minutes, take a break, play for another 45.

8)  What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

I used to travel around with fellow ATL Spurs member Greg Perry as the road manager for Lingo, a band he played drums for. The core of that band consisted of some good friends of mine from high school, and we traveled around the east coast pretty extensively from 2008-2014. I am also the unofficial meme-god of ATL Spurs. Shiiiiiiiiiiid

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