ATL Spurs Member Profile: Luke Walker

1)    How did you become a Spurs fan?

1987 FA Cup final. My brother asked which team I wanted to win, the white team or the blue team and I said “the white team” and the rest is history. The white team lost that day but I’m sure glad I stuck with them and didn’t switch to the blue team haha

2) Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

Countless. First one was Vs Southampton in 1989. Probably been to somewhere between 50 and 100 Tottenham games in total though.

3) What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

There’s been a few. Paul Stewart’s goal Vs Liverpool in 1990 was special as back then everyone my age supported Liverpool and I just remember the pride I went to school with the next day.
More recently though…Crouch’s goal Vs Man City to seal CL football for us and also beating Chelsea in the league cup final. It was one thing to win it but to win it beating them made it even better.

4) Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

All-time favorite Tottenham player is probably Paul Gascoigne…the lad was a genius.
Favorite current player is probably Dele Alli…I think he’s going to be a very special player.

5) Where are you from originally?

I was born in Aylesbury which is about 45 minutes north of London

6) What is your professional background?

I work with kids. Currently I’m a Soccer Coach but also run sports camps for kids.

7) Did you play organized football/soccer?

Yes I was a decent goalkeeper when I was younger. Had some interest from Watford and Luton Town but that never worked out. Became an outfield player when I was about 20 and have played at decent levels. Now just playing rec leagues though.

8)  What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

I was once featured in a Discovery Channel TV show called ‘Hogs Gone Wild’. That’s all I’m saying about that, if you want to learn more you will have to find it. It was pretty hilarious stuff though.


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