ATL Spurs Member Profile: Harold Summers


1. How did you become a Spurs fan

I am a 3rd generation Spurs fan and I was born in 1948, so you see how far back it goes in the family.

2. Have you been to White Hart Lane.

Many times. I lived in North London until I was 24 So I would go with my Dad, Brother or Uncle often. But I went away to boarding school from the age of 7 until 17, so in those years I only got to go to the Lane on Christmas and Easter holidays (vacation from school approx 1 month long each). Most of my summer vaction time was during the League’s summer break. But from the age of 17 to 24 never missed a home game, if I could help it. That would be 1966 to 1985 My Dad had 3 season Tickets in the West Stand, and my brother-in-law had 2 more in the row behind us.

3. What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

Pat Jenning’s famous goal. I went to Old Trafford with my late brother for the 1967 Charity Shields match. Jennings kick the ball from his box, it sailed up the other end, bounce in front of their goalie and ended up in the net. I had never seen a Goalie score a goal from one end to the other. I remember all us Spurs fans went nuts!

4. Who is your favorite Spurs player and why.

We have a great squad right now. How does one choose? I suppose Ali, because of his raw talent, and the promise of what so young a player could yet achieve.

5. Where are you from originally?

North London. My grandparents came as immigrants from Eastern Europe to the East End of London in the 1880s. One grandfather was a Turner, and the other a Cabinet Maker. They grew their businesses, so that around 1930, one grandfather had set up a furniture factory in Northumberland Park (Just down the road from The Lane), and the other open one in nearby Edmonton. So it was ordained we would be Spurs fans.

6. What is your professional background.

Back in the day from ’66 to ’85 worked in  Poplar in the East End, on the edge of the old West India Docks in a Timber Yard where we kiln dried timber (lumber). At that time I earned an Associate Degree in Wood Technology at The London School of Furniture. Came to the States in 1985, studied Photography in Boston, and then ran my own photo studio in the Boston area for over 20 years.

7. Did you play organized football/soccer?

Yes, at school from the age of 7 to 17. My brother was a terrific player, but not being as athletic as he, I preferred to play Goalie. Sad to say I let in way too many goals (not one of my life’s great achievements)

8. What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

My son lives in Boston and follows the team avidly at the Boston Supporter’s Pub. My nephew runs a very entertaining Radio blog “The Spurs Show” and often has former Spurs players on the show as guests. They put out a new show every Tuesday.

Extra: Harold’s Nephew plays a soccer fan in comedy sketches!


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  1. Harold Summers January 2, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    Beth. My nephew Simon Brodkin plays Jason Bent (one of his many characters) the soccer “Player” (not fan) These are clips from his own BBC TV comedy series. Otherwise …. Thanks, looks great. Happy New Year.