ATL Spurs 2020/2021 Virtual Annual General Meeting Minutes

We started the Zoom meeting with fifteen minutes of mix and mingle, to give attendees time to get connected and log in. At 8:15 pm, we kicked off the meeting with some Zoom Etiquette provided by our Social Media Czar, Aviva Summers.

Aviva Summers – Social Media Chair

  • Zoom etiquette: please mute yourself unless you are called on to speak.
  • When we get to the q&a, please use the raise hand feature.

Matt Gragg – Chairman

  • ATL Spurs started in 2012. For several years, we made our home at Meehan’s Atlantic Station. When they closed suddenly last year, we cast our net far and wide over the greater Atlanta area looking for a new home. We found it in Manny’s Grant Park. We couldn’t ask for a cozier home or a better partner. We look forward to a new season with them!
  • Our goal is to help increase Spurs’ fanbase in our city, give Spurs’ fans a place to gather – both virtually and in person, support the club, and have fun.
  • As of right now, with the Europe not accepting visitors from the US due to COVID, we don’t know what ticket availability will look like this season. However, as soon as we get information from the club, we’ll share it on our Facebook page and website.
  • As you may know by now, our long-time Chairman, Michael Constantinou has moved to Los Angeles, and resigned his position with ATL Spurs. Michael served as Chairman since the inception of Atlanta Spurs, and will be missed. Of course, he is still a part of our Facebook group, so we certainly haven’t heard the last of him! As Vice-Chair, I’ve been serving as interim chair in his absence.
  • Which brings me to your new proposed board. I’ll introduce everyone now, and at the end of the meeting, you will have a chance to vote to approve the roles.
  • Our 2020/2021 Season Board proposal is: Matt Gragg (former Vice-Chair), Chairman; John Belfini (former At-large Member), Vice-Chair; Larry Green to remain as Treasurer; Aviva Summers to remain as Social Media Guru; Jordan Yoss to remain as head of design/merchandising; Beth Davis will continue her role as Club Secretary, but will hand over her role as Community Outreach officer to David Andy Cole; and lastly, Al Abritton will round out our team as the new At-large member.
  • You’ll now hear from each board member.

John Belfini – Vice-Chair

  • Gives update on what it’s like at Manny’s in a COVID world – they have rearranged their seating areas to accommodate social distancing measures, reduced their inside capacity to 25, opened up their patio for outdoor social distancing seating, have sanitizing stations throughout the pub, and follow all state-mandated COVID-19 protocols.
  • Turnout at the recent games finishing up last season was between 10-20 members
  • Manny’s will be open for all upcoming games, and looks forward to hosting us this year. However, we realize that each individual must do what makes them feel safe, so even if you don’t feel safe going to the pub, we look forward to interacting with you on our online forums.

Larry Green – Treasurer

  • Atlanta Spurs doesn’t charge a membership fee like some clubs do.
  • We raise all of our money through sales of merch.
  • (Pull up spreadsheet and show how we track our funds)
  • We have been slowly growing our balance over the years, and this year we’re happy to report that we have a positive balance. In fact, we were able to make a $1,000 donation to the COVID-related fund for Manny’s workers and have still increased our balance by a little bit over $700 to $3,348.62
    • 2019: $2,621.43
    • 2018: $1,892.31
    • 2017: $1,603.22
    • 2016: $1,155.69
  • This money is used to fund club dues, activities, and charitable donations.

Aviva Summers – Social Media Czar

Here is where we stand on Social Media since August 1, 2019:

  • Twitter: 2,594 followers, 152 of those are new followers; 83k tweet impressions; 6,646 profile visits; 666 mentions; 450 tweets; 2,702 likes; 239 retweets
  • Instagram: 494 followers, 75-100 new followers, 607 likes
  • Facebook: 801 members, 65-75 new members, and more posts and comments than could ever be counted
  • Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter and Instagram: @atlspurs

Jordan Yoss – Design and Marketing Guru

  • We’ve had a hold on launching new merch during COVID, but you can still order in stock shirts from our online store for shipping (not pick-up).
  • Ideas for 2020/2021 Merch are: (Jordan, please fill in any ideas you have)
  • Please contact me with any ideas for new merch items or designs.

Beth Davis – Club Secretary

  • As club secretary, I’m happy to announce that, with the help of ATL Spurs member Robert Lee, we hope to launch a new ATL Spurs website this season! It’s been a long time coming.
  • In handing over my duties as community outreach officer, I’m looking forward to having more time to devote to website content.
  • As for Community Outreach, it has been such an important part of our club’s history. Over the years we have done holiday toy drives, thanksgiving letter writing campaigns to support the troops, helped build Habitat for Humanity houses, supported Soccer in the Streets, and raised money for Myasthenia Gravis.
  • Our program took a tough hit last season. The search for a new home pub swamped the entire board in the first half of the season, and COVID tied our hands in the last half. We were, however, able to support our home pub, Manny’s Grant Park, with a $1000 donation from Atlanta Spurs during the first wave of COVID shut downs. We also had many ATL Spurs members who contributed individually – thank you for that.

David Andy Cole – Community Outreach Officer

  • David was absent for this meeting, so Beth reported that he would be taking over the position of Community Outreach. He is uniquely qualified for this role, as he has long been part of a community service fraternity.
  • Looks forward to assuming the role of Community Outreach Officer and has already come up with some good ideas for the coming season. We hope members of ATL Spurs will step-up and participate, so that we can make positive change in our community.
  • Please contact him with any ideas.

Al Albritton – Member-at-Large

  • Gave his background as a Spurs fan (the 2015 Spurs crushing defeat of the Chelsea plastics cemented his fandom). He’s been part of several Supporters’ Clubs during his many moves around the country, but looks forward to finding a long-term home here at ATL Spurs.
  • He was taught all of the Tottenham chants and songs by the founder of Madison (WI) Spurs, and looks forward to leading us all in said chants at Manny’s.
  • Looks forward to getting to know fellow ATL Spurs.

Matt Gragg – Chairman

  • Asked attendees to vote and confirm the new board. After some joking about a coup, the board was approved.
  • Opened the meeting for Q&A


  • Lawrence Monroe asked if, particularly during COVID, ATL Spurs might explore the option to host Zoom watch parties, so that those who aren’t ready to go to the pub can still watch with other fans. We all loved this suggestion and hope to be able to implement it soon.
  • Brent Totten asked for more details on what the board spends the club’s money. Larry Green recapped the above section, giving examples of dues to Tottenham, donations (Soccer in the Streets, Myasthenia Gravis, and Manny’s Employee COVID-19 fund, Habitat for Humanity), purchasing raffle items for raffles that have raised money for the above, items for ATL Spurs (flags, travel flags, the Pochettino cut-out for Orlando/Nashville, a go-pro to record crowds at the pub, etc.), and to front money to purchase t-shirts and other merch items (as opposed to a board member having to front the money from their own pocket). Beth went on to further explain that is it important for us to build our reserves, so that when (if) Tottenham decides to play an off-season game in Atlanta (Tottenham v. ATL UTD anyone???), we’ll have reserve funds in place to work with the club promoting the game and events surrounding the game.

Matt Gragg – Chairman

Closed the meeting, after which several people stayed online and hung out until around 10:45 pm, enjoying spending time with other ATL Spurs members.

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  1. Alan Vaughan September 11, 2020 at 12:02 pm #

    Nice minutes Beth, well done! Congratulations to all of the board members, welcome to the new ones – and thanks for stepping up!

    We all know Michael did an outstanding job, and this is the team to take us boldly forward while maintaining solid continuity. I know you all will do an excellent job!

    Cheers, blessings

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