Wrap-up: ATL Spurs 2017/2018 Annual General Meeting

History of the Club

  • We will celebrate our fifth year as an official Spurs Supporters Club this March.

Goals of the Club

  • Provide an inclusive community for local Spurs fans to meet online and in person
  • Attract new fans to Tottenham Hotspur
  • Provide assistance to members with securing match tickets (EPL and Summer tour)
  • Community Outreach
  • Support the team and have fun!

Proposed Leadership Committee

  • Chairman – Michael Constantinou
  • Vice-chair – Matt Gragg
  • Treasurer – Larry Green
  • Secretary & Community Outreach – Beth Davis
  • Design & Merchandising – Jordan Yoss
  • Ambassador-at-large – John Belfini

Note: Leadership committee was unanimously approved

Financial Report

  • ATL Spurs have approx. $1600 in the kitty
  • Because we do not have a membership fee, all ATL Spurs funds are raised through merchandise
  • Money in the ATL Spurs kitty is used for up-front costs for merchandise, club necessities like our two new flags, purchasing raffle prizes, charitable donations, Spurs supporters’ club dues, and THST dues
  • Last year’s charitable donations totaled $500
  • ATL Spurs books are open to all members. For detailed information, please contact Larry

Design and Merchandising

  • Last year’s t-shirts and scarves, featuring our new ATL Spurs logo, proved popular
  • We have a very small remaining inventory of scarves and shirts. We will have them at all games and they are available on our website at https://squareup.com/store/ATLSpurs/
  • We did a limited pre-order only run of kids’ shirts this year. Any future kids’ shirts would be done on an on-demand basis.
  • A bar flag and travel flag were commissioned this year. The bar flag hangs in Meehan’s and the travel flag has been seen in Orlando and Nashville.
  • A new shirt will be released this fall
  • If you have ideas for merchandise that you’d like to see offered, please contact Jordan

Community Outreach

  • Last November, ATL Spurs participated in a Habitat for Humanity build
  • Last May, ATL Spurs participated in fundraising for, and donated to, Soccer in the Streets
  • This year, we are looking to repeat both of those activities, in addition to some new opportunities
  • If you have ideas for community outreach projects, please contact Beth

2017/2018 Match Tickets

  • Michael provided a brief overview of the ticketing procedures at Wembley
  • Supporters Club sections were discussed


  • This is our fifth season at Meehan’s
  • We continue to have a great relationship.
  • They open early for our matches, which we continue to appreciate
  • They have upgraded their tech, which should help with streaming next year

Other Business

  • We would like to update our website this year. If we have any club members who are web designers, please be in touch with a member of the board
  • We will release information when it is available on ATL Spurs engagement with Atlanta United – both for the ATL Spurs block of seats at Atlanta United, etc
  • Harold Summers offered his services as a photographer for any official ATL Spurs needs (events, merchandise photos, etc)
  • Next year’s meeting will be live-streamed on Facebook, for those who cannot attend
  • Lloyd’s Soccer in John’s Creek is carrying Tottenham gear
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