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1. How did you become a Spurs fan

I am a 3rd generation Spurs fan and I was born in 1948, so you see how far back it goes in the family.

2. Have you been to White Hart Lane.

Many times. I lived in North London until I was 24 So I would go with my Dad, Brother or Uncle often. But I went away to boarding school from the age of 7 until 17, so in those years I only got to go to the Lane on Christmas and Easter holidays (vacation from school approx 1 month long each). Most of my summer vaction time was during the League’s summer break. But from the age of 17 to 24 never missed a home game, if I could help it. That would be 1966 to 1985 My Dad had 3 season Tickets in the West Stand, and my brother-in-law had 2 more in the row behind us.

3. What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

Pat Jenning’s famous goal. I went to Old Trafford with my late brother for the 1967 Charity Shields match. Jennings kick the ball from his box, it sailed up the other end, bounce in front of their goalie and ended up in the net. I had never seen a Goalie score a goal from one end to the other. I remember all us Spurs fans went nuts!

4. Who is your favorite Spurs player and why.

We have a great squad right now. How does one choose? I suppose Ali, because of his raw talent, and the promise of what so young a player could yet achieve.

5. Where are you from originally?

North London. My grandparents came as immigrants from Eastern Europe to the East End of London in the 1880s. One grandfather was a Turner, and the other a Cabinet Maker. They grew their businesses, so that around 1930, one grandfather had set up a furniture factory in Northumberland Park (Just down the road from The Lane), and the other open one in nearby Edmonton. So it was ordained we would be Spurs fans.

6. What is your professional background.

Back in the day from ’66 to ’85 worked in  Poplar in the East End, on the edge of the old West India Docks in a Timber Yard where we kiln dried timber (lumber). At that time I earned an Associate Degree in Wood Technology at The London School of Furniture. Came to the States in 1985, studied Photography in Boston, and then ran my own photo studio in the Boston area for over 20 years.

7. Did you play organized football/soccer?

Yes, at school from the age of 7 to 17. My brother was a terrific player, but not being as athletic as he, I preferred to play Goalie. Sad to say I let in way too many goals (not one of my life’s great achievements)

8. What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

My son lives in Boston and follows the team avidly at the Boston Supporter’s Pub. My nephew runs a very entertaining Radio blog “The Spurs Show” and often has former Spurs players on the show as guests. They put out a new show every Tuesday.

Extra: Harold’s Nephew plays a soccer fan in comedy sketches!


1)    How did you become a Spurs fan?

1994 I lived in Texas and had the opportunity to watch a world cup match. Germany plays in Dallas and Jurgen Klinsmann scores 2 on South Korea. One being this amazing goal. He joined Tottenham that summer. He left but I have stayed ever since.

2)    Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

Finally made it to my first match this fall. A disappointing draw with Leicester but still an amazing experience and so happy to get to see the lane before it is gone.

3)    What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

There are many but winning the league cup over Chelsea in 2008 was something special. Amazing stuff. Woodgate and Ledley were incredible if not for those pesky injuries what could have been….(honorable mentions—3-2 at the death star in 2010. Bale, VDV and Kaboul. AC Milan 1-0 at the San Siro in Champions League.)

4)    Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

This is a tough one to call honestly. So many over the years. It’s hard to argue with players like Ginola and Ledley King or Gareth Bale. But for now (since I am going to live in the now and not the past) I would have to say my favorite player is Toby Alderweireld. I love his consistency and professionalism on the pitch. I hope he continues to exhibit this level of play canadian online casinos for many years for Spurs. His defending has been top notch not to mention his excellent passing out of the back.

5) Where are you from originally?

Live all over the US. But born in Port Arthur Texas and have lived in New Jersey, Houston, Dallas and now Atlanta for the past 8 years.

6) What is your professional background?

Psychology background but work in the financial sector. Worked at DFCS for a time as well.

7) Did you play organized football/soccer?

Since I was 5 absolutely. Played it all my life. Absolutely loved it. Favorite sport to play and watch. Nothing better than the beautiful game.

8)  What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

I really love film. One credit away from a film minor in college. I still go to the theater and think it is really the only way to see a film unless you have a pretty amazing theater room at home. Wish we had more art theaters in Atlanta. Severely underrepresented.

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13936714_10209839689299977_1935995603_n1) How did you become a Spurs fan?

Growing up a mile away from White Hart Lane all of my friends and family were Tottenham supporters so there really wasn’t much to think about. I also grew up at a time when the team was quite successful seeing us win back to back FA Cups in 1981/82 and the UEFA Cup in 1984 all by the age of ten so being a Spurs supporter was a no brainer really.

2) Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

Yes, many. I was a season ticket holder before I moved to America and while that was predominantly during the 90’s when we were consistently a mid-table team, I was fortunate enough to see some great players play for us such as Teddy Sheringham, Jurgen Klinsmann, David Ginola and a young Ledley King breaking into the team. I also try to catch a game whenever I’m back in London.

3) What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

That’s a tough one as there have been so many. I would say Gazza’s free-kick in the 1991 FA Cup Semi-Final was probably right up there for a number of reasons. The goal itself was spectacular and still stands as one of our greatest ever goals but aside from that it was against that lot down the road in a special North London Derby – the first FA Cup Semi-Final to be played at Wembley, which up to that point was reserved for the showpiece final. Living in North London at the age of seventeen, my entire circle of friends consisted of Spurs and Arsenal fans. It’s always good to get one over on our fiercest rivals but to beat them in a semi-final at Wembley and then go on to win the cup was very special.

4) Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

That’s another hard question as we have so many good players in this current team but my favorite player has to be Harry Kane. An obvious reason would be because of the amount of goals he scores and his importance to the team but more than that, he truly “gets it”. He’s been a supporter like us and knows how it feels to want to win so badly. You get the feeling with so many of today’s players that it’s just a job to them and they don’t really feel for the club but with Harry you know that’s not the case. You can see it in how hard he tries and how he celebrates his goals. He’s one of our own!

5) Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in North London although both of my parents are from Cyprus so I’m Greek Cypriot.

6) What is your professional background?

I’m an IT Project Manager. I currently work for Intercontinental Hotels Group.

7) Did you play organized football/soccer?

I wish 🙂

8)  What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

That I’m a really great guy? No? Ok. When I was younger, I appeared in a music video for disco/pop group Boney M. They were moderately popular in Europe in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I never got to see the video back then and for many years I wondered what came of it but through the marvels of modern technology it can be found on YouTube and has almost 2 million hits! I’m the kid in the blazer eating ice cream at 3:32


John Belfini and Chirpy at White Hart Lane

1)    How did you become a Spurs fan?

Haha, it’s kind of an odd story. After watching the 2012 Euro’s soccer/football grabbed my attention. The NHL went on strike and I needed another sports fix when the NFL wasn’t on. I started watching games from all over the world on sketchy streams and found the BPL most accessible and zoned in on the league. While watching different games I decided to needed to support one team in particular so started looking at the clubs and while looking through the names the club that caught my eye was Tottenham Hotspur. “What the heck is Tottenham or a Hotspur?” Started reading about the club and its history and grew attached from there. I can’t even grasp being connected to another club.

2)    Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

I’ve been to two, last year actually! I saw Spurs play Palace on a perfectly sunny day in London where Son scored his first goal in the Premier league I believe. The other game was The NLD in a League Cup fixture, where we unfortunately lost 2-1. There was definitely a special feeling being there for the first time.

3)    What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

I’m fairly new to the club but I think it has to be beating Chelsea 5-3 on New Years Day, two seasons ago. I couldn’t believe what was happening and the bar went absolutely crazy. That was the last time Chelsea was beaten that season and I think it was due to that beat down.

4)    Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

This is a tough one but I think it has to be Gareth Bale. Watching him exploding down the pitch without any fear what so ever was just incredible to watch. He was the player that made sure Europe had our attention. The growth since his departure has been immense and I think he was a major cause of that growth.

5)    Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from New York, New York! All my teams are blue, oddly enough. Giants, Rangers, Yankees (don’t hate me.)

6)    What is your professional background?

Working for the man.

7)    Did you play organized football/soccer?

I have not played since I was little, but I am working on my technique to change that haha.

8)    What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

I was obsessed with the band Anberlin from 2008 until the disbanded in 2014. I own multiple copies of every CD, I have purchased all their albums digitally, I have 15 posters, dog tags, cozies, hats, 7 hoodies, and 55 shirts (yes really.) I saw them in concert around 5 different states 15 times and went to their last 5 shows. I still try to support their new projects too haha.

1) How did you become a Spurs fan?

From watching my first World Cup in 1994 on tv, I got excited about top level soccer. I knew even then that England was where it was at, but I had no way to watch it, so I’d watch the occasional USMNT match, and the World Cup. Fast Forward to 2004, and I suddenly realized that a lot of Premier League matches were available on cable/satellite here in the US. I watched that season sporadically trying to pick a team and Spurs found me. My first full season as a Spurs fan (2005/2006) thus ended in world of Lasagna-fueled disappointment, and I’d had my first true Spurs experience.

2) Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

My only time at the Lane was a match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in 2010 when we came from 0-1 down with 15 minutes left to win 3-1. I have however seen them in person 8 additional times in other venues, with a 6-2-1 record. The one loss was the MLS all-star game last summer.

3) What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

Easily the 0-1victory in the Champions League round of 16 away to Milan February 15 2011, because I was there in person for it:

4) Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

Current? Dele Alli. Kane is amazing and one of our own, but Alli has that bit of edge to his game that I think you need to win silverware. I hope we can somehow keep him around for many years.
All players? Gareth Bale joined the team two years after I started following them and over the next 6 years he went from the unluckiest player on the team (two years, three managers, 25 Premier League games and 1,533 minutes before he was played in a win) to the most expensive transfer in world history and truly one of the best players in the world. If it wasn’t for him I’d still be a fan, but I don’t know if I’d be as Spurs crazed as I am today.

5) Where are you from originally?

Born in Philadelphia, but grew up in Orange County, CA.

6) What is your professional background?

I currently manage a Site Operations team for Cox Automotive. I started this career in 1997 as a system administrator for a Free-Net, got a job as a developer for another Cox company in New Orleans in 1998, and have largely been with Cox since then, in various roles (Software Engineer, Project Management, Systems Engineer, Manager).

7) Did you play organized football/soccer?

Sadly no. I had a very accurate shot and even won a county youth contest for shot accuracy, and easily qualified during AYSO tryouts. However, due to a conflict between my parents and the coach, I never actually was able to participate. Something always got in the way with other organized sports when I wanted to participate.

8)  What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

I spent the first decade of my professional life in California politics, including a year working on The Hill in DC for a member of the House of Representatives. I still know a Congressman or two, and even worked on a campaign for Arianna Huffington’s then husband Michael. I’ve seen her Rolodex (which she was still using in the 90s) and it would blow your mind.


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1) How did you become a Spurs fan?

I started following the Premier League during the 2006-07 season, without following any particular club. The following season I took my first football trip to England with my close friend, and fellow ATL Spurs member, Joey Elger. Joey was already a Spurs supporter so we were certain to coordinate a trip to WHL. Out of sheer luck, we happened to take in the 125 Year Anniversary game that saw Spurs fight back from a 4-1 deficit to draw through a stoppage time equalizer by Younes Kaboul (¯\_(ツ)_/¯). From that point I was hooked – it was the most thrilling sporting moment I’d ever witnessed in person. Another highlight of that same trip was seeing Clint Dempsey break John Terry’s cheekbone at Stamford Bridge (en route to 0-0 snoozefest).

2) Have you been to a match at White Hart Lane?

Yes, I’ve been to WHL on multiple (not really) work trips.

3) What’s your favorite Tottenham Hotspur moment?

My favorite moment – a completely irrelevant one – would probably have to be seeing Clint Dempsey score away at Everton while sitting in the away supporters section. The guy sitting next to me jumped on me proclaiming me his “American good luck charm.” Little did we know that Spurs would later surrender all three points to two late goals…

4) Who is your favorite Spurs player and why?

Harry for his humility, his perseverance, for being ordinary, and most of all, his love for Tottenham Hotspur.

5) Where are you from originally?

I’m a native Atlantan born at Northside Hospital and raised in Roswell, GA.

6) What is your professional background?

I’m a wholesale commercial property insurance broker at CRC Insurance Services.

7) Did you play organized football/soccer?

No, it was baseball for me growing up.

8)  What would your fellow Atlanta Spurs members be surprised to learn about you?

Back in the day I captained our kickball team to an Atlanta City Championship. And I look like I’m 12 without a beard.




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After an exhaustive search evaluating pubs all over Metro Atlanta which also saw us hosting trial games at a number of potential venues, we are happy to finally announce that Atlanta Spurs has a new permanent home... Manny’s Grant Park!

The ownership and staff at Manny’s are super excited to partner with us to make Manny’s the go to destination for Spurs matches in Atlanta. We now look forward to decorating our new home, settling in, and getting back to the business of watching Spurs together.
This period of temporary homelessness has coincided with a downturn in fortunes on the field so we hope the opposite is now true and we look forward to seeing everybody this weekend to celebrate the start of better times ahead.
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