Atlanta Spurs Supporters Club

Japhet Tanganga (To the tune of Rock the Casbah)

Your wingers don't like him,
Japh Tanganga!
Japh Tanganga!

Sergio Reguilon (To the tune of Hold Me Now)

Sergio, ooooh Reguilon
Stay with me
Tottenham’s your home
Have some Jamon

Giovanni Lo Celso

There’s something that the Yids want you to know,
Best in the world is Gio Lo Celso
Our Argentine,
Give the ball to Geo every time
Si Senor,
Pass the ball to Gio and he’ll score!

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (a la Roy Kent from Ted Lasso)

He’s here, he’s there,
He’s every fucking where
Hojbjerg! Hojbjerg!

Heung min Son

Who’s that Yid running down the wing?
Heung min Son the Korean king.
He won a gold medal,
No service or war,
Left foot, right foot
As long as he scores.
Hey Sonny! Hey Sonny!
Hey Sonny! Hey Sonny!

Atlanta Spurs

2021/2022 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Manny’s Grant Park



Matt Gragg, Chairman

  • Opening Remarks
  • Goals
  • Proposed Leadership Committee
  • Approval of Leadership Committee

John Belfini, Vice-Chair

  • Year in Review
  • Finance Report
  • Social Media Report

David Andy Cole, Community Outreach Officer

  • Community Outreach Proposals for 2021/2022

Beth Davis, Secretary

  • New Website Reveal
  • Design and Merchandising

Matt Gragg, Chairman

  • Supporters’ Tickets
  • Questions/Ideas/Suggestions
  • Closing Remarks

Matt Gragg, Chairman

  • Welcome to the 2021/2022 Annual General Meeting of Atlanta Spurs – Atlanta’s Official Supporter’s Club of Tottenham Hotspur, the Greatest Team on Earth
  • We appreciate everyone being here today. Having an Annual General Meeting and keeping our members up to date on what is happening with ATL Spurs is one of the requirements of being a supporter’s club.
  • ATL Spurs was founded in 2012 by a small group of fans who met while traveling to see Spurs’ exhibition games in the United States. Upon their return to Atlanta, they started meeting up at RiRa to watch games. As the group grew, we transitioned to meeting at Meehan’s, which was our home for several years. Three years ago, we found ourselves in need of a new home and after researching over 20 bars and having a half dozen trial runs, we found Manny’s Grant Park. We couldn’t ask for a better home pub, a better partner than Manny, and a better staff than they have here. We are grateful to them and all that they do for us!
  • The goals of our supporters’ club is to provide an inclusive community for local Spurs fans to meet online and in person, attract new fans to Tottenham Hotspur, provide assistance with securing match tickets, make a difference in our city through community outreach, position the club as a viable pre-season option for Spurs in the future, and above all else support the team and have fun!
  • After injecting some new blood into our leadership team over the past couple of seasons, our proposed leadership committee for 2021/2022 is:

Matt Gragg – Chairman

John Belfini – Vice Chair

Larry Green – Treasurer (absent today for health reason)

Beth Davis – Secretary

Aviva Summers – Social Media Guru (currently living in Boston)

Jordan Yoss – Merch Czar (currently coaching his son’s team)

David Andy Cole – Community Outreach

Al Albritton – At-Large

  • All those who approve this committee, say Aye!

John Belfini, Vice-Chair

  • Year in Review: The 2020/2021 season took place during an international pandemic. We sacked Jose Mourino near the end of the season and under interim manager Ryan Mason finished 7th in the Premier League. We made it to round 16 in Europa League, the fifth round in the FA Cup, and the finals in the EFL Cup. We’ve started the 2021/2022 season off right by hiring new manager Nuno Santo and defeating Arsenal in the pre-season MIND Games. This year we’ll be competing in both the Premier League and the Europa Conference League.
  • Here is our Finance Report, on behalf of Larry Green:

We don’t charge a membership fee at ATL Spurs because we want to be fully inclusive and wouldn’t want a membership fee to preclude someone from joining our ranks. Instead, we use the proceeds from our merch sales to pay club dues, expenses, and raise money for activities (i.e. if Spurs ever come to ATL, we’re going to need some cash). Currently, ATL Spurs sits in the black at just under $3K. Our reserves allowed us to be able to donate to the Feeding Texas fund during their crisis this past winter, and to the Leyton Orient Shirt fund, which was officially supported by Tottenham Hotspur, and to the Manny’s Grant Park Employee Relief fund at the beginning of Quarantine. We are down a few hundred dollars from last year, which is unusual, but that is to be expected given the pandemic’s impact on our ability to generate and sell merch.

  • Here is our Social Media Impact Report, on behalf of Aviva Summers:

Twitter: 2,731 followers, 159 new this year, 620Ktweet impressions, 7,614 profile visits, and 473 mentions.

Instagram: 573 Followers

Facebook: 852 members, which is almost double what we had last year.

Original Graphics: the farewell graphics made by Aviva for Toby and Coco reached well over 200K people with 72 and 62 shares, respectively

David Andy Cole, Community Outreach

  • We fell off the community outreach wagon for the 2020/2021 season due to the pandemic. However, we plan to make up for it this year!
  • Proposed activities include: Soccer in the Streets, Free99Fridge, Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta Community Food Bank, etc.
  • Information about how you can participate will be posted on our website and our social media channels as they arise. We encourage everyone to participate as much as possible. Let’s see if we can get ATL Spurs back on the Tottenham Hotspur website!
  • Introduce the Soccer in the Streets event, give details, ask for players/fundraisers, mention we’ll be doing a raffle in September.

Beth Davis, Secretary

  • This year, I’m delighted to announce the debut of the new ATL Spurs Website! This new sleek look will be a great place for newcomers and those not on Facebook to learn about ATL Spurs, find out about watch parties, and get to know us as a group. Look for exciting new content in the coming months. We can’t thank Robert Lee and his team at Lesix Agency for their amazing pro bono work on behalf of ATL Spurs.

Beth Gives Merch Report for Jordan:

  • We still have a good many “Atlanta Spurs and a Smile” t-shirts left in our inventory. You can get them from me at the pub or from our online store (link on website and on FB page).
  • More merch will be coming this year – possible ideas are scarves, new shirts, a re-run of our ATL Spurs hoodies, etc. If you have merch ideas, reach out and let Jordan or any board member know.
  • ATL Spurs is looking for a member who is computer savvy and would be willing to make an electronic poster or graphic for our matches. Or even a plug-and-play template that Aviva could use for the season. If anyone is interested, let us know! On that note, if any of our member have skills, talents, or connections that they’d be willing to lend to ATL Spurs, let us know. We’re always looking for good new partnerships!

Matt Gragg, Chairman

  • And to end with a bit of good news, Tottenham is back to offering an avenue to match tickets to supporter’s clubs. We’ll put a pinned post with request deadlines/procedures on our FB page.
  • Now that you’ve heard our yearly report, do you have any question?
  • Thank you for being here today and for being an member of ATL Spurs! Find a board member during the match for your free ATL Spurs sticker, courtesy of At-Large board member Al Albritton!

We’re pleased to announce we’re rolling out a new shirt design!

This year’s shirt will be a multi-colored print that pays homage to WHL with the main chest graphic being a distressed rendering of cockerel and shield previously located above the halfway line. The circular ATL Spurs logo will also be located on the left sleeve.

21319171_10210159593251791_865797271146488919_o 21366839_10210159581651501_7695938463148685863_o

Shirts are $20/each like last year, and if you intend to purchase one/any, we would certainly suggest pre-ordering to be certain that your size/color will be available. We intend to have the pre-order open until Monday, 9/18, and expect to have shirts back by the middle of October.

The webstore has been reopened:

Shirt options will be as follows:

Color options: “Vintage Royal” (heathered royal) and “Smoke” (light grey)

21430153_10210159570451221_5244499563445481119_n 21463037_10210159569851206_8704897288299921124_n

These shirts fit a little different than last year’s…they’re a smidge fuller across the chest and slightly shorter.


Only available in “Heather”



History of the Club

  • We will celebrate our fifth year as an official Spurs Supporters Club this March.

Goals of the Club

  • Provide an inclusive community for local Spurs fans to meet online and in person
  • Attract new fans to Tottenham Hotspur
  • Provide assistance to members with securing match tickets (EPL and Summer tour)
  • Community Outreach
  • Support the team and have fun!

Proposed Leadership Committee

  • Chairman – Michael Constantinou
  • Vice-chair – Matt Gragg
  • Treasurer – Larry Green
  • Secretary & Community Outreach – Beth Davis
  • Design & Merchandising – Jordan Yoss
  • Ambassador-at-large – John Belfini

Note: Leadership committee was unanimously approved

Financial Report

  • ATL Spurs have approx. $1600 in the kitty
  • Because we do not have a membership fee, all ATL Spurs funds are raised through merchandise
  • Money in the ATL Spurs kitty is used for up-front costs for merchandise, club necessities like our two new flags, purchasing raffle prizes, charitable donations, Spurs supporters’ club dues, and THST dues
  • Last year’s charitable donations totaled $500
  • ATL Spurs books are open to all members. For detailed information, please contact Larry

Design and Merchandising

  • Last year’s t-shirts and scarves, featuring our new ATL Spurs logo, proved popular
  • We have a very small remaining inventory of scarves and shirts. We will have them at all games and they are available on our website at
  • We did a limited pre-order only run of kids’ shirts this year. Any future kids’ shirts would be done on an on-demand basis.
  • A bar flag and travel flag were commissioned this year. The bar flag hangs in Meehan’s and the travel flag has been seen in Orlando and Nashville.
  • A new shirt will be released this fall
  • If you have ideas for merchandise that you’d like to see offered, please contact Jordan

Community Outreach

  • Last November, ATL Spurs participated in a Habitat for Humanity build
  • Last May, ATL Spurs participated in fundraising for, and donated to, Soccer in the Streets
  • This year, we are looking to repeat both of those activities, in addition to some new opportunities
  • If you have ideas for community outreach projects, please contact Beth

2017/2018 Match Tickets

  • Michael provided a brief overview of the ticketing procedures at Wembley
  • Supporters Club sections were discussed


  • This is our fifth season at Meehan’s
  • We continue to have a great relationship.
  • They open early for our matches, which we continue to appreciate
  • They have upgraded their tech, which should help with streaming next year

Other Business

  • We would like to update our website this year. If we have any club members who are web designers, please be in touch with a member of the board
  • We will release information when it is available on ATL Spurs engagement with Atlanta United – both for the ATL Spurs block of seats at Atlanta United, etc
  • Harold Summers offered his services as a photographer for any official ATL Spurs needs (events, merchandise photos, etc)
  • Next year’s meeting will be live-streamed on Facebook, for those who cannot attend
  • Lloyd’s Soccer in John’s Creek is carrying Tottenham gear

About last night 😎 #coys #thfc #atlspurs @mannysgrantpark ...

Love this team💙 #coys #thfc ...

Thank you to all our members for a great season and of course thank you @mannysgrantpark for another year of amazing partnership! #coys #thfc #atlspurs ...

Happy 3rd anniversary to our favorite place and home, @mannysgrantpark! Here’s to many more! ...

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Atlanta spurs is committed to the inclusion and recognition of all members regardless of race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status. #equality #coys ...

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Courtesy of our friends at Mannys and Guinness, when you buy a pint of Guinness this Sunday, you get to keep a collectors edition glass (while supplies last)! Guinness wants us to beat the plastics. Can’t wait to see everyone for a massive match for top four placing! 🍺🍺🍺🍺COYS! @mannysgrantpark @guinnessus #guinness #atlspurs #coys #thfc ...

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See ya’ll tomorrow! #atlspurs @mannysgrantpark @hm_son7 ...

First game at our new home pub!!! #atlspurs #coys #thfc @mannysgrantpark @harrywinks @spursofficial ...

After an exhaustive search evaluating pubs all over Metro Atlanta which also saw us hosting trial games at a number of potential venues, we are happy to finally announce that Atlanta Spurs has a new permanent home... Manny’s Grant Park!

The ownership and staff at Manny’s are super excited to partner with us to make Manny’s the go to destination for Spurs matches in Atlanta. We now look forward to decorating our new home, settling in, and getting back to the business of watching Spurs together.
This period of temporary homelessness has coincided with a downturn in fortunes on the field so we hope the opposite is now true and we look forward to seeing everybody this weekend to celebrate the start of better times ahead.
COYS!! #atlspurs @mannysgrantpark